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Abdu Murray


Abdu left his Muslim faith and became a Christian after a nine-year investigation into the historical, philosophical and scientific underpinnings of many major world religions. Abdu is now the North American director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, author of Grand Central Question - Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews and Scholar in Residence at the Josh McDowell Institute of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.


Main Conference Classes

23. Is the Bible Worth Believing
Block B || Saturday || 2:00PM

Today’s skeptical world views the Bible with suspicion and even derision. The Bible, many think, is an outdated book with arbitrary and even bigoted rules. But is this really the case? Abdu Murray, himself once highly critical of the Bible, explores how the Bible proves to be historically true and philosophically relevant in a way that speaks to our contemporary culture and touches the mind and the heart.

38. Darwin or Jesus? Which One Makes Sense of Morality?
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM

In an increasingly secular world human beings are being reduced to mere products of evolution. At the same time there is an increased awareness about racial bigotry, sexism and mistreatment of people. Naturalistic evolution doesn’t explain the moral value of caring for our fellow human beings. But the gospel does. Abdu Murray unpacks how the gospel equips us to better answer the moral challenges we face today.

68. Clarity in a Culture of Confusion
Block E || Sunday || 10:00AM

Our culture seems to have embraced confusion—about sex, identity, religion, morality—as a virtue and shunned clarity as a sin. How do we offer the clarity of God’s majestic purposes to a world that shuns it, yet needs it so desperately?