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Britney Berrner


Britney Berrner is a Vancouver based visual storyteller specializing in film and photography. She has worked with numerous organizations and individuals around the globe. Her true talent lies in her ability to capture the very essence of those she works with, whether in Cambodia, Uganda, India or Canada. With a natural eye and a deep love for people, Britney is able to capture authentic and inspirational stories wherever she goes.


Main Conference Classes

3. Video Storytelling Using Your Phone
Block A || Saturday || 11:30AM

Powerful stories move people to action. Many people have great stories to tell but they lack the resources, time and expertise to share them. In this hands-on workshop, professional videographer Britney Berrner will teach you how to capture and share great stories without a huge budget or extensive training. Learn storytelling techniques and the basics of lighting, audio, editing and delivery—using only your phone. Effectively communicate the God stories from your life and ministry.