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Hans Weichbrodt

This charming Swedish pastor, author and scholar has become one of Break Forth One's most popular presenters. Hans Weichbrodt’s ministry has taken him not only around the world but also into the inner corridors of government and to the United Nations. Hans also serves as the dynamic teacher for Lands of the Bible.

Pre-Conference Workshop

1008. Jerusalem Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Friday || 9:30AM - 3:45PM

Join Biblical scholar Hans Weichbrodt on a journey through Jerusalem’s rich and intriguing history to discover why the city is truly "the apple of God’s eye". Travel 4000 years back in time with Melchizedek and Abraham, examine the city’s profoundly prophetic Hebrew name and explore its extraordinary story before finishing your tour with our Saviour’s return and the millennial kingdom.

Main Conference Classes

25. Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
Block B || Saturday || 2:00PM

Explore the fascinating, jaw-dropping content of Daniel 9: 24-27, sometimes referred to as the most complex prophecy in all of the Bible. The famous Jewish rabbi Maimonides considered it so startling and profound that he recommended it be read only by adults! Join Hans Weichbrodt in unpacking this intriguing prophecy.

50. Our Father - The Prayer Jesus Himself Taught Us to Pray
Block D || Sunday || 8:30AM

For many of us "Our Father" begins a string of sentences we have learned to repeat at light-speed. But does the most famous prayer of all time mean anything more for us than that? This study opens our eyes to the immense riches and incredible wisdom this classic prayer holds for our daily lives.