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Janet Hanson

Janet Hanson has been a Bible teacher, spiritual director and retreat and conference speaker for almost thirty years. She earned a Masters in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and co-authored a collaborative commentary on 1 Peter, published in 2017. Janet enjoys blogging and oil painting. She lives in Northern California with her husband Dave and they count the days between visits with their adult children and two adorable grandsons.

Main Conference Classes

43. The Enneagram From A Christian Point of View
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM

What’s wrong with me? Why did I react that way…again? Why do some encounters with others leave me exhausted? How can I better understand people who are utterly unlike me? The Enneagram provides ancient yet surprisingly relevant insight into the answers to those questions. When rooted in Biblical teaching, this personality tool awakens us to nine typical ways (and whys) humans wander from God as well as His gracious provision to find our way home. Catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror of the Enneagram.

73. How to Read the Bible so the Bible Can Read You
Block E || Sunday || 10:00AM

To understand the Bible means to literally “stand under” the searchlight of its divine author, to allow God to have His way with us through what is written. By taking this posture, rather than dissecting the Bible as a suspicious object or plucking out bits and pieces to suit our needs, Bible readers embark on a thrilling, transformative journey. Utilizing the best tools of Biblical scholarship, learn how to read and respond to the Bible the way Jesus did.