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John Burns


In 1986 John Burns left his successful dental practice to plant Relate Church, a thriving family church in the greater Vancouver area. For 32 years he and his wife Helen have served as lead pastors while travelling and teaching globally about building healthy churches through building healthy relationships. Together they host the TV program Sex, Love and Relationships and have authored several best-selling books. John is also the president of ARC Canada which seeks to build life-giving churches throughout Canada.


Main Conference Classes

5. Strategies for Launching and Growing Healthy Churches
Block A || Saturday || 11:30AM

Thirty-two years ago John Burns—a dentist with a thriving practice and a new Christian—was asked a poignant question: “John, you can do anything you want with your life—but what is the best?” That question changed his life. He knew without hesitation that God was calling him to plant Relate Church in Surrey, BC. Drawing from his own story, from his work as president of ARC Canada and from church planters around the world, John offers strategies, resources and guidance to leaders called to launch and grow life-giving churches.

22. Love, Sex & Marriage
Block B || Saturday || 2:00PM

The Bible has so much good news about love, sex, and marriage. John and Helen Burns have been speaking boldly about it for over 30 years. As pastors and hosts of the Hillsong Channel’s Sex, Love and Relationships they teach around the world, raising up Godly relationships that are vital to building the foundations of our churches and communities. If your heart is moved by the relationship pain in this world you are called to serve, if you are married or hope to be married...this class is for you.