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Jojo Ruba


Jojo equips Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ in everyday conversations. He has spoken at Sunday morning services, in secular debates at universities and at morning chapels at Christian schools. As executive director of Faith Beyond Belief, Jojo focuses on practical ways to defend the faith and teaches Christians how to explain their worldview in ways everyone can understand.


Main Conference Classes

35. The Must-Have LGBTQ+ Conversation (Human Sexuality Panel)
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM
How does the church respond to one of the most defining issues of our time? Navigating the complexities of truth and love alongside people within the LGBTQ+ community is a significant challenge facing denominations, institutions and local churches across Canada. This panel of pastors, educators and Christians with same sex attraction launch the conversation by sharing the challenges, failures and joy of loving as Jesus does.

70. The Power of Everyday Conversations
Block E || Sunday || 10:00AM

Talking about faith and truth has always been a challenge, but in this post-modern generation it’s harder than ever. Learn the basics of what it means to be Christ’s ambassadors and tactics for speaking to a culture openly hostile to faith.