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Jon Tyson


Jon Tyson is a pastor and church planter in New York City. Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Jon moved to the United States twenty years ago with a passion to seek and cultivate renewal in the western church. He is the author of Sacred Roots, A Creative Minority and The Burden is Light. Jon lives in the neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan with his wife and two children. He serves as the Lead Pastor of Church of the City New York.


Main Conference Classes

1. Future of the Church
Block A || Saturday || 11:30AM

Working Together in a Divided World—how can I work with people I don’t agree with? The world is getting more and more polarized and divided. How can we as followers of Jesus rise above this, reconcile our relationships and ultimately work together while we still work out our disagreements? Join Jon Tyson and Tim Day as they have an in depth conversation around these realities and the church’s response—now and in the future.