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Joy Smith


Joy Smith, founder and president of the Joy Smith Foundation, was a teacher for 23 years before entering Parliament. She made Canadian history as the first sitting MP to amend the Criminal Code twice, both times to protect victims of human trafficking. Over the years she has helped countless young victims who have been exploited or trafficked. After 11 years in Parliament, Joy Smith retired and now tirelessly volunteers full-time for her Foundation fighting to end human trafficking in Canada.

Pre-Conference Workshop

1001. See Her Rise
Friday || 9:30AM - 3:45PM

Join award winning author and speaker Lisa Bevere and other incredible Canadian teachers as Gather Women hosts a day-long event for women from across the nation. Come to be connected, equipped, championed and mobilized through Biblical teaching, stories of hope and a journey into the message of Ezra 10:4: Rise Up. It’s In Your Hands. Take Courage. Do It. Rise above the winds and the waves of your everyday. Gather for a day to awaken the call of God on your life.

Main Conference Classes

6. Human Trafficking: Canada's Secret Shame
Block A || Saturday || 11:30AM

Every day Canadian youth are being lured into the sex trade by traffickers who gain their trust. The average age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years of age, a terrifying statistic for every parent. Fueled by her faith, former MP Joy Smith has helped change Canada’s criminal code and works tirelessly to combat human trafficking by educating and equipping Canadian families. Learn how to protect your kids and recognize and report traffickers in your community.