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Ken Dyck


Author of Freedom Session and Authentic Living, Ken Dyck is the executive director of Freedom Session International. He has served as a pastor for 25 years—currently serving as the pastor of discipleship & leadership development at Village Church in Surrey, BC. Ken is committed to equipping pastors and leaders to make emotional and relational healing a normative part of the discipleship journey. He also senses God calling him to a fathering role in the development of the next generation of leaders.


Pre-Conference Workshop

1004. Freedom Session
Friday || 9:30AM - 3:45PM

Ministry leaders, are you ready for a challenge? We are called to preach salvation to a lost and hurting world. But what does salvation look like for men and women who’ve been sexually abused or are struggling with pornography and other addictions? What about the depressed, the perfectionists, the workaholics? Salvation is more than going to heaven after we die. It means we can be set free, made whole and delivered today! Learn how to present the full gospel of Jesus Christ—a salvation that includes healing—and watch God transform your ministry.

Main Conference Classes

20. Experience a “Freedom Session”: The Ministry Your Church Needs Most
Block B || Saturday || 2:00PM

We learn best by experience. In this class, you’ll be guided into a personal interaction with the Holy Spirit that may expose an unhealthy heart or harmful motivations. You’ll experience firsthand how your church—and likely you—could use Freedom Session. Healing discipleship is one of the next moves of God in North America. Find out why!

47. Did You Receive the Spirit When You Believed?
Block D || Sunday || 8:30AM

Listen in as Ken Dyck, creator of Freedom Session, describes his personal journey as a conservative, Biblically-based pastor coming to know—and be filled with—the Holy Spirit. Discover the real, day-to-day difference this can make in your life. Explore the practical aspects of prayer, spiritual promptings, ministry, spiritual warfare, prophetic guidance and daily empowerment.

62. Authentic Living through Conflict
Block E || Sunday || 10:00AM

Unresolved conflict is the #1 reason most people become divorced, the #1 reason people leave churches and the #2 reason people leave their jobs. Conflict is an inevitable part of life—even for Christians. It’s the price we pay for intimacy. Learn how to address and resolve conflict in personal and group relationships and be empowered to live authentically, even when life gets tough.