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Krish Kandiah


Dr. Krish Kandiah is the founding director of Home for Good. He is an award winning author, an adopter, foster carer, activist for refugee resettlement and theologian. Krish lives in Oxfordshire, England with his wife and seven children.


Main Conference Classes

37. Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant to be Simple
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM

Many of us have big questions that the Christian faith seems to leave unanswered. So we push them to the back of our minds for fear of destabilizing our beliefs. But leaving these questions unexamined is neither healthy for us nor honouring to God. In this class, Krish looks at why the paradoxes that seem like they ought to undermine belief are actually the heart of our vibrant faith.

61. A Relentless Revolution of Love
Block E || Sunday || 10:00AM

Our homes and churches are meant to be hospitals—welcoming the broken, the needy, the fatherless, the oppressed and the poor. Krish Kandiah, founder of the adoption and fostering charity Home for Good, explores how radical hospitality can transform your life, church, city and nation.