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Mike McHargue


Mike McHargue (better known as Science Mike) is an author, podcaster and speaker who travels the world helping people understand the science of life's most profound and mundane experiences. His bestselling debut book, Finding God in the Waves, has helped thousands understand faith in the 21st century. Mike's the host of Ask Science Mike and cohosts The Liturgists Podcast with his friend Michael Gungor. He's a sought after speaker and frequent contributor to RELEVANT  Magazine, Storyline, BioLogos and The Washington Post.


Main Conference Classes

32. Finding God in the Waves
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM

44% of people will go through a faith transition at least once in their life. Mike McHargue (Science Mike) tells of his experience transitioning from evangelical-to-atheist and then from atheist-to-mystic in love with Christ.

56. The Science of Peacemaking
Block D || Sunday || 8:30AM

“Blessed are the peacemakers.” So Jesus taught 2,000 years ago. But how does one go about creating understanding and reconciliation today? Science Mike goes to the intersection of neuroscience, sociology and faith to find the answer.