Getting Inside the Head of Generation Z: Episode 13


Technology is not only changing how we live, it’s changing how we love. Youth ministry lifer Randy Carter and author Donna Carter explore adolescent brain development and how their use of technology is hitting where it hurts most: their relationships.

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Randy & Donna Carter

Randy and Donna are the founders of Straight Talk Ministries. Lively and entertaining, they speak individually and together in churches and at leadership, youth, women’s and marriage conferences across Canada. Donna is the author of several books including Friend Me and Kick the Boring Out of Your Life.


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Engaging with Your Memories: Episode 12


We are all walking stories – made up of experiences and memories that make us who we are. How do we engage those memories in a healthy way so that we can become more like Jesus? Dr. Casey Tygrett will lead us in an interactive practice of remembering as a spiritual practice.


Dr. Casey Tygrett

Dr. Casey Tygrett is a writer, pastor, and spiritual director. He is the author of Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions and an e-book, The Jesus Rhythm: Finding a Life of Advance and Retreat. Casey and his family live in Chicago, Illinois.


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Giving for Greater Impact: Episode 11


As Christians, we are called to be stewards of our resources. Giving is good, but giving on its own isn’t good enough. Brady Josephson shares tips on how you can be a generous and strategic giver—and how you can challenge others to give with head and heart—for God’s Kingdom.

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Brady Josephson

Brady is a charity nerd, entrepreneur, professor, writer and founder of Shift, a digital first marketing agency for charities. He’s also CEO for Nonprofit Supply Co. Brady hosts The Good Journey Pod, a weekly podcast with thought leaders, philanthropists and innovators shaping the world of ‘good’.


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One Mission: Episode 10


Wrapping up the weekend with this keynote address, Mark Clark paints a picture of what the Church should look like today and reminds us of the One mission we are all called to.

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Mark Clark

Mark grew up in an atheistic home and after his father’s death began a skeptical search for truth through science, philosophy and history, asking the big questions of life and eventually finding answers in Christianity. He felt called into pastoral ministry when he was 20 years old and in 2010 planted Village Church, which has since grown to a vibrant, multi-site church with a heart to reach the greater Vancouver area and beyond into Canada.


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