Fight Your Way to a Better Relationship: Episode 22


We all fight and have disagreements! So great conflict resolution skills are essential for a marriage/family/church to survive and thrive. Learn practical, tested strategies from these popular relationship coaches on how to start a difficult conversation, how to apologize and move on.

Simon and Ruth Clarence.jpg

Simon & Ruth Clarence

Simon & Ruth Clarence are the founders of Two-gether Ministries. They pastored together for over 30 years and now offer pastoral counselling and coaching through Clarence Counselling Centres. They make regular television appearances and lead marriage enrichment seminars across Canada. Ruth is the author of Firestarters and Hot and Holy.

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We Need to Talk!: Episode 21


Communication breakdown is the #1 reason couples give for their drifting or disintegrating marriage. Often the desire is there, but couples lack the skills to really understand each other. They’re stuck in communication patterns that keep them from thriving. In this fun and interactive workshop, Neil and Sharol share principles that have helped couples at FamilyLife Weekend Getaways across Canada get ‘unstuck’ and reconnect.

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Neil & Sharol Josephson

After 25 years in higher Christian education and TV news, Neil and Sharol are devoting their second half of life to serving families and the church in Canada. They were marriage pastors at Bayside Church in California but returned home to Canada in 2010 and are currently the national directors of FamilyLife Canada and Break Forth One.

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What is one thing every Christ follower should know?: Episode 20


Each of the speakers on Stage One are given 15 minutes to answer the question, "What is one thing every Christian should know?"

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Sarah Bessey

Sarah is the author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith. She is a sought-after speaker at churches, universities and conferences around the world as well as an award-winning blogger from right here in Canada. Sarah also serves on the board for both Help One Now and Heartline Ministries.

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Brady Josephson

Brady is a charity nerd, entrepreneur, professor, writer and founder of Shift, a digital first marketing agency for charities. He’s also CEO for Nonprofit Supply Co. Brady hosts The Good Journey Pod, a weekly podcast with thought leaders, philanthropists and innovators shaping the world of ‘good’.

Eddie Kaufholz.jpg

Eddie Kaufholz

Eddie is the producer and host of The New Activist, a podcast that hears from activists and world changers tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. He is on The RELEVANT Podcast and on staff with International Justice Mission, an NGO dedicated to ending slavery around the globe.

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The Canadian Church Circa 2030: Episode 19


The year is 2030. What does the Church in Canada look like? Hanging on or thriving? The same basic approach or a radically new model? These national leaders have a heart for the Kingdom, an eye on the future and deep connections across Canada. In this session they will discuss how we as the Church interact with and impact the ever changing Canadian cultural landscape for decades to come.

Mark Clark.jpg

Mark Clark

Mark grew up in an atheistic home and after his father’s death began a skeptical search for truth through science, philosophy and history, asking the big questions of life and eventually finding answers in Christianity. He felt called into pastoral ministry when he was 20 years old and in 2010 planted Village Church, which has since grown to a vibrant, multi-site church with a heart to reach the greater Vancouver area and beyond into Canada.

Shaila Visser.jpg

Shaila Visser

Shaila is the national director of Alpha Canada, the director of Alpha in the Workplace International and a member of the Alpha Global executive team. She also spent years helping women investigate their own spiritual lives through her work with Women in Leadership.

Mark Burch.jpg

Mark Burch

Mark & Karolyn Burch spent 23 years in local church ministry before transitioning to church planting leadership with the C2C network. C2C exists to catalyze church planting from sea to sea (Psalm 72:8) and partners with over 25 denominations to assess, coach, train and support church planters.

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Tim Day

Tim gives leadership to a new vision in Canada called City Movement— designed to help business leaders, para-church ministries and churches advance the gospel in their city. Tim has served in a senior leadership role at The Meeting House, a multi-city church in Ontario. He is also the author of God Enters Stage Left, a creative retelling of God’s story.

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