Carey Nieuwhof, founding and teaching pastor of Connexus Church, is a familiar face at Break Forth One. Last year Carey taught a number of classes and workshops, which received such great feedback that we invited him back again to speak on leadership.

Carey has written several books and resources on this subject and hosts a weekly podcast on leadership. While he was finishing his seminary degree, he became a student pastor at a church that had an average attendance of 6. But the church quickly grew, becoming a multi site church that now reaches almost 1000 people each weekend.

Over the years, Carey has experienced both  highs and lows. Part of what makes Carey’s resources so valuable is that they are filled with personal examples of struggles that he’s faced as a leader… situations that some of you might even be experiencing right now. For example, here’s a blog post Carey wrote on his experience with burnout.

Whether you’re in a leadership role right now experiencing those same highs and lows, or are about to step into one, Carey’s classes are ones you definitely don’t want to miss this year at Break Forth One. Click the workshop and class titles below to learn more:

Workshop 1005. The High Impact Leader
Class 8. Renewing the Leader’s Heart

"The biggest obstacles you face in leadership aren’t around you; they’re within you."

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