Two new classes have been added to the list...

Closer to the Fire (Stories from the Persecuted Church) with Greg Musselman

Millions of followers of Jesus around the world are suffering for their faith. In over 60 countries Christians are being severely persecuted. Greg Musselman will share stories of persecution and God’s power in the midst of extremely challenging situations. You will be challenged and encouraged to hear what God is doing around the world.


Transparent with Tim Day

How can we internalize the love and life of Jesus so that people can genuinely see Jesus within us? Jesus offers us a pathway that forms in us new mental, emotional, and relational disposition and cultivates an intimate relationship with God that transforms our life and sense of personal mission. In this session we will discuss this pathway and how God guides us through the process of this inner transformation.

Special Update: Due to Dr. Larry Crabb's health, he is no longer able to teach at Break Forth One. Please join us as we pray for healing and comfort during this time for Dr. Crabb.

Dr. Casey Tygrett will be leading the class in his place. Dr. Casey Tygrett is a writer, pastor, and spiritual director. He is the author of Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions and an e-book, The Jesus Rhythm: Finding a Life of Advance and Retreat.

Here is the workshop/classes that Dr. Tygrett will be teaching:

Pre-Conference Workshop // The Critical Questions That Shape Our Souls

Is it possible that Jesus longs to care for us through our questions, rather than through simple answers? How do we understand the multiple questions that Jesus leaves unanswered in the Gospels?

In this seminar Dr. Casey Tygrett will take us through significant questions from the life of Jesus from which we will learn spiritual practices that care for and sustain our souls for the work of ministry.

Class A // Curiosity as A Spiritual Practice

What if asking the challenging and difficult questions of our life with God is actually a healthy spiritual practice? What if Jesus is interested in increasing our curiosity, not resolving it? Dr. Casey Tygrett will lead us through both ideas and practices to help us rediscover curiosity as a healthy and fruitful spiritual practice.

Class C // Leaving Nothing Behind: Memory & Spiritual Formation

We are all walking stories – made up of experiences and memories that make us who we are. How do we engage those memories in a healthy way so that we can become more like Jesus? Dr. Casey Tygrett will lead us in an interactive practice of remembering as a spiritual practice.


If you were registered for the pre-conference workshop with Dr. Crabb or one of his classes, you have already been switched to Dr. Tygrett’s class. If you would like to choose another class instead, click here to modify your schedule.