“Without coffee, mornings would be difficult. Without God, life would be impossible."

Despite being a popular Bible teacher and speaker at churches and leading conference such as Catalyst, Thrive and Women of Joy, Margaret Feinberg is a fun, loving, down to earth coffee lover, who has learned what it means to be joyful in every situation.

Margaret was in the midst of writing a book on joy when, at the age of 39, she was diagnosed with cancer. She very quickly went from seeking joy in good times, to having to hunt for it in one of the deepest and darkest moments of her life. Over the next 18 months of her agonizing battle with cancer, Margaret learned to live with what she describes as “defiant joy.”

"Joy is far more than I ever thought or been taught. It’s a more dynamic, forceful weapon than most of us realize. When we fight back with joy, we lean into the very presence of God — the one who fills us with joy, even on our most deflated todays."

Margaret further describes her battle with cancer and this defiant joy in the interview below:

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