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Ministry is a big part of Albert Tate’s heritage. Both his grandfathers were preachers and he grew up in the church. But it wasn’t until his highschool years that Albert came to personally accept Christ into his heart.

While he felt liberated with his new found relationship with Christ, Albert still carried the baggage of his past. At this point, Albert should’ve been entering his senior year but due to his poor grades he was held back as a Sophomore. He wrestled with the shame and guilt of his failing high school grades, which he had been keeping a secret from his parents. Albert came to understand and experience for the first time what true freedom felt like when he finally had an honest conversation with his mom and came completely clean about his struggles. Here’s how Albert described it:

“There’s something about telling the truth about what’s really going on with you, so that God can do the whole redemptive work that He wants to do. So on January 23, 1994, I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I felt some freedom but man I really got free that summer night in my mom’s bedroom when I told her the full truth of the sin I was struggling with.”

Despite his academic struggle, Albert not only finished high school but went on to graduate from both Bible College and Seminary. Albert and his wife now leads a rapidly growing multi-ethnic church in California, Fellowship Monrovia, which they launched in 2012. His gift of storytelling and sense of humor is so evident when he’s up on the pulpit. Just check out this clip from one of his sermons:

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