Day Three / One Mission


Today was the last day of #BFONE18... and what better way to end it than with Mark Clark, Pastor of Village Church. After a full morning of classes, we gathered together one last time for the closing assembly...

One Mission

Mark reminded us that as a church we have to be...

honest. authentic. raw. 

We left challenged to allow God to use us - mess and all - to reach out with His grace...

"God will use you not because of you but in spite of you"

If you've been to a Break Forth One Conference before, by this time you would have understood what it's like to have drunk from a fire hose. But now comes the hard work.

As we all head back to our respective homes across the nation, let's reflect on what God has spoken to us this past weekend... let's see how we can continue to stand united throughout the year and take what we've learned and apply it to our churches, our communities and our country.

Next year when we gather back together, we hope to hear stories of how God has used this weekend to impact your story and the stories of those around you. Until then, let's continue to worship our One God, with One Voice, as One Church, with One Mission.




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