Day Two / One Voice. One Church.


One Voice

Yesterday we kicked off the day with the voices of Ben Cantelon, Margaret FeinbergBob Stromberg, and Olive from Compassion Canada. Ben Cantelon led us in lifting up our voices, as one massive choir, to worship our one God. Margaret shared with us about her journey with cancer and showed us that it is possible to #fightbackwithjoy, despite our circumstances... and that it is a weapon that she still uses today on a daily basis. The Main Assembly ended with a powerful moment, where together with one voice, we lifted our hearts and our hands to pray for Margaret and for complete healing from cancer.

One Church

Our goal is simple: to gather together and stand united as one church.... and that's exactly what we did last night.

After a full day of classes, Hillsong Worship led us in powerful songs that moved us, encouraged us and helped us draw closer to the Father. It was a powerful moment, realizing that the room was filled with believers from all denominations, ages, cultures and nations - the furthest being Austrailia!

Levi Lusko brought the word and left us with these 4 points:

  1. You are destined for impact.
  2. Your pain makes you powerful.
  3. Your desire can keep you from your destiny.
  4. You'll see more of what you stare at.

Sometimes we need moments like this... moments where we can get a little glimpse of heaven // being surrounded by brothers and sisters from all walks of life... in the presence of our one true Father.




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