Revelation and the End of the World: Episode 17


In this episode, Paul teaches on how to understand God's purposes for the world laid out in the Book of Revelation.

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Paul Spilsbury

Paul is the author of The Throne, the Lamb, and the Dragon: a Reader’s Guide to the Book of Revelation and holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Paul has been teaching and writing on the New Testament and the world of the early Christians for many years. He currently serves as Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament at Regent College.


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Curiosity as a Spiritual Practice: Episode 16


What if asking the challenging and difficult questions of our life with God is actually a healthy spiritual practice? What if Jesus is interested in increasing our curiosity, not resolving it? Dr. Casey Tygrett will lead us through both ideas and practices to help us rediscover curiosity as a healthy and fruitful spiritual practice.


Dr. Casey Tygrett

Dr. Casey Tygrett is a writer, pastor, and spiritual director. He is the author of Becoming Curious: A Spiritual Practice of Asking Questions and an e-book, The Jesus Rhythm: Finding a Life of Advance and Retreat. Casey and his family live in Chicago, Illinois.


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Redemptive Suffering: Episode 15


How do we talk about suffering in the church? Is all suffering redemptive? Why does God allow us to suffer? What does it really mean to suffer as Christ suffered? In this episode, Fr. Sean Kilcawley unpacks these questions and shows how to move beyond the platitudes and discover the gift of fortitude.

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Fr. Sean Kilcawley

Fr. Sean Kilcawley is an internationally recognized speaker on the Theology of the Body, Human Love and pornography addiction. He has a License in Sacred Theology from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Rome and serves as the director of religious education for the Diocese of Lincoln, NE.


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Lessons I’ve Learned in Leading Worship: Episode 14


Ben shares key insights from his journey—leading the worship ministry at Holy Trinity Brompton, recording multiple albums with Worship Central as well as on his own and working with other writers to pen some of the most loved and sung songs around the world.

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Ben Cantelon

Canadian Ben Cantelon has worked for several years with Worship Central and Holy Trinity in London. He’s a respected worship leader and songwriter within the UK and well beyond. Most of his time is spent sharing his gift of music around the world.

Set against the backdrop of global uncertainty he sees everywhere he goes, Ben’s music, including Happy DayThe WaySimple PursuitHe Lives and Set Apart and the songs on his latest solo album, The Ascent, Vol. 1, are reminders that “God is bigger than any of us, far brighter than any of our gloom and far more real than any of our denial.”


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