DAY 1 | Break Forth Canada 2017

Break Forth Canada kicked off with a morning of intensive learning workshops. A variety of presenters taught on this years theme - One. One God. One Church. One Weekend.

Chris Brown had the room laughing with his energy and intensity as he challenged listeners to think about what makes them tick. “God really, really wants you to be you. Unapologetically. Be you.” He reminded us - God has called each of us to a specific place to be who he has uniquely created us to be.

Gary Thomas taught a series entitled A Lifelong Love. Our marriages are so different than planting a tree, he explained. With a tree, we just put it in the ground and walk away. But a marriage is like building a house brick by brick. So how do we do it? “If we want to grow in our relational intimacy we need to grow in honesty. If we really want marital intimacy, we need to stop with the secrets!” Gary’s challenge to marriages was refreshing and heartfelt.

Jen Pollock Michel asked the question - is God really good? In our experiences of suffering can we know God to be good? What about in our experiences of shame? Her talk was full of encouragement about God’s love for us and how extravagant it is. In fact, “It’s so big it looks crazy!”

These sessions and many more (Carey Nieuwhof, Bruxy Cavey, D6 Family Team) ran right through the afternoon, which offered plenty of opportunity for attendees to catch their favourites.


The evening began on the main stage where Bethel Music set the tone for the evening, leading us in worship together as One Church. They were followed by Louie Giglio.

"I came all the way to Edmonton to tell you - do not give the enemy a seat at your table.” This was Louie Giglio’s passionate challenge. He inspired with his words, proclaiming that we are people of worth. While this may not be what we hear from the world around us - we can hear it from Jesus. “The one who is our Shepherd and can handle all that we cannot. The one who is our everything, so we don’t need anything.” Louie’s heart, his intensity and his fervour ran us straight to the arms of Jesus.

The night wrapped up with a few entertainment events. The Skit Guys, a GMA concert series and the Break Forth Canada Film Festival.

The Skit Guys had a full house laughing as they told hilarious stories with biblical truths threaded throughout. Their ability to make you think and challenge your heart - all while laughing - is something special.

The GMA concert series included Informants, Steve Bell and Tim and the Glory Boys. It was a beautiful time of worship as we stood and sang together as One Church in Jesus name. Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without the crowd being up on their feet, gathered ‘round the bearded Glory Boys in campfire fashion as they plucked their strings and took requests!.