Meet Chris Brown...

Chris brings the Bible to life!  He’s a gifted story-teller, preacher and Bible teacher. He’s funny.  He’s motivational. And he’s happy to pass on his skills. 

When he’s not leading Preach It Teach It seminars, Chris is senior and teaching Pastor at North Coast Church in CA where he shares the pulpit with Larry Osborne.  He also teaches a preaching class at Bethel Seminary.  Before that, he was campus pastor at Azusa Pacific College where his midweek Bible Study drew 1500 students. 

Chris and his wife, Amy, have three children: “two beautiful daughters, Sayla and Karis, and a crazy son named Barak”. They plan as a family to stay involved in teaching, ministries, and fishing for as long as humanly possible.

Chris’ passion for sharing a real and authentic journey with Jesus will come through in his teaching at Break Forth Canada:

ILW 1001. A+ Teaching

Elective 35. How to Build a Team That Won't Want to Leave

Elective 51. Keeping the Right Perspective

Elective 80. How to Read and Teach the Bible in 3D

Stage One - Elective A Block