Meet Gary Thomas...

If anyone is an expert in marriage, it’s Gary Thomas.  He’s written countless of books on marriage, speaks around the world and has brought thousands of married couples closer together.  Recently we had a chance to meet his wife, Lisa, and even she would say he’s pretty good at marriage!


At Break Forth Canada, Gary will be speaking from his new book “Cherish”, which will be released just a couple weeks before the conference. He wrote this book to raise the bar on Christian marriages - above and beyond just sticking it out, persevering and making sacrifices for love’s sake.  All good things...but there can be even more.

Here’s how Gary explains it:

“One way to distinguish “cherish” from “love” is to consider the ballet. A ballerina has to be strong, athletic, and have endurance. The moves are physically demanding. But that’s similar to an NFL linebacker, who also must be strong, athletic and have endurance. What sets the ballerina apart is the grace, the beauty, the poetry.

Love is the athletic strength of marriage—unquestionably the supporting spiritual mechanism of any union. Cherish is the grace, the poetry, and the beauty of enjoyment. It takes your marriage to another place and makes it not only beautiful to dance, but beautiful to watch.”

Along with “Cherish,” Gary will also be speaking on other relationship topics at Break Forth. Whether you’re married, dating or single you will be able to learn and grow from one of Gary’s classes. Click on the links below for more on each workshop:

Elective 7. Sacred Search

Elective 17. Cherish

Elective 41. Toxic Relationships

Stage One - Elective D Block