Meet Jen Pollock Michel...

Hearing about Jen Pollock Michel can make one feel like a bit of an underachiever.  After all, she’s a mother of five who blogs and travels the country speaking from her book, Teach us to Want, which just happens to be Christianity Today’s 2015 Book of the Year.

But hearing Jen herself is a different experience altogether. She speaks with grace and empathy and offers good news to the weary and the wanting. You come away feeling like you’ve had a great chat with a good, Godly and wise friend. 


Jen’s Break Forth Canada classes on inner life, spiritual renewal and women’s ministry are filling up quickly!

Check out her classes by clicking on a workshop or elective below:

ILW 1012. Teach Us to Want: Learning the Language of Holy Desire

Elective 11. Unforced Rhythms of Grace: Good News of the Weary

Elective 40.There's No Place Like Home: The Gospel Answers Our Deepest Longings