Meet Steve Bell...

He is one of the GMA artists performing on Friday Night at Break Forth Canada!

Storyteller at heart, Steve has dabbled in a variety of genres over his lengthy career.  Whatever the style - symphony-styled concerts, pop jazz or bluegrass jams - his music is always aligned with his mission:  “to encourage Christian faith and thoughtful living through artful word and song.” 

Most Canadians will be well acquainted with Steve Bell, after all he’s won almost every award in Canadian music and he’s performed for over half a million people, but they may not know where he learned some of his superb guitar skills.  

His father was a chaplain at Drumheller Penitentiary where Steve was allowed to attend jam sessions in the chapel on Saturday afternoons. When the inmates realized Steve’s captivation during one of their bluegrass jams, they invited him to grab a guitar and sit in. Steve often reminisces at concerts that one reason why he tours the world now is because several of Canada’s most unwanted men invested in him when he was eight years old.

The investment paid off.  Check out Steve’s guitar skills in this video: 


We are excited to welcome Steve Bell, along with Tim & The Glory Boys, and Informants. to the Break Forth Canada stage. Don’t miss this Friday night GMA Concert!