“Death either takes you to your treasure or from it, depending on where you keep it.”

Levi Lusko and his wife, Jennie, are the founding pastors of Fresh Life Church, a multisite church in Montana and Utah. In 2007, as the church was starting up with just 14 people in a small room above a bar, Levi and Jennie learned that they were expecting their second daughter, Lenya.

As the church grew, so did Lenya. Despite being born with asthma, Lenya grew to be an energetic and loving girl. By 2012, Fresh Life had grow into a multi-campus church with locations across Montana and the Luskos were enjoying their now family of five. But it was in December of that same year that tragedy struck.

As the Luskos were preparing for Christmas, Lenya suffered a severe asthma attack that ultimately took her life. Levi recalls, “the day we buried her, we were suppose to be going to Disneyland for a family vacation, the day after Christmas. And instead we were standing in a cemetery singing I Will Rise and clinging to the resurrection.”

No father should have to bury their child. But despite this tragic loss, Levi not only managed to invite to church two paramedics and a respiratory therapist who were with him at the hospital trying to save his daughter’s life, Levi also went on to preach just a few days later.

Levi Lusko shows what it means to have an eternal perspective:

Lenya Lusko

“Lenya is not 1009 days behind me. I’m actually 1009 days closer to her. And I’m moving in the right direction. And every day I wake up I’m getting closer and closer and closer and closer to her. It’s all how you look at it. You have to look at it through the right lense.”

Join us on January 26 in welcoming Levi Lusko, his family and his story of hope to Break Forth One 2018.


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