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Rosemary Flaaten

Rosemary's teaching reflects her sparkling personality and gentle heart. She takes the truth of Scripture and places it within everyday experiences to deliver valuable life lessons. Rosemary is a speaker and educator on the topics of spiritual formation, leadership and sexuality. She is a bestselling author of two books about relationships. Her counselling education, training as a spiritual director and coach and her deep love for Scripture make her a sought after mentor for new and experienced leaders.  

Main Conference Classes

19. Personal and Spiritual Care for the Leader
Block B || Saturday || 2:00PM

As a leader, learning to care for your own emotional and spiritual well-being is critical—for your team, for your family and for sustainable ministry—but it’s often at the bottom of the priority list. Rosemary Flaaten presents tools for a variety of soul care practices to fit your life and personal style. Once you learn how to nurture and care for your own soul you will also be able to lead others into life-giving soul care.

35. The Must-Have LGBTQ+ Conversation (Human Sexuality Panel)
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM
How does the church respond to one of the most defining issues of our time? Navigating the complexities of truth and love alongside people within the LGBTQ+ community is a significant challenge facing denominations, institutions and local churches across Canada. This panel of pastors, educators and Christians with same sex attraction launch the conversation by sharing the challenges, failures and joy of loving as Jesus does.