—  schedule


Friday, January 26, 2018

8:00 AM // Registration Opens

9:30 AM // Pre-Conference Workshop

10:30 AM // Break

10:45 AM // Pre-Conference Workshop

12:00 PM // Lunch

1:30 PM // Pre-Conference Workshop

2:30 PM // Break

2:45 PM // Pre-Conference Workshop

6:30 PM // Opening Assembly / Hillsong Worship / Albert Tate

9:00 PM // Late Night Concert Options / Israel Houghton & New Breed / Comedy Show

Saturday, January 27, 2018

9:00 AM // Main Assembly / Ben Cantelon / Margaret Feinberg

11:30 AM // Class A

12:30 PM // Lunch

2:00 PM // Class B

3:30 PM // Class C

4:30 PM // Choose Your Own Adventure

7:00 PM // Main Assembly / Hillsong Worship / Levi Lusko

9:00 PM // Late Night Concert Options / Family Force 5 / GMA Canada Worship Night

Sunday, January 28, 2018

9:00 AM // Class D

10:30 AM // Class E

12:00 PM // Lunch

1:00 PM // Closing Assembly / Hillsong Worship / Mark Clark



—  Choose Your Own Adventure


There’s a lot to explore at Break Forth One! This year, there’s more space built into the schedule to allow you to experience as much of the conference as possible. You’ll notice on the schedule there’s a block on Saturday for you to “Choose Your Own Adventure” (Saturday / 4:30 PM). Here are some ideas:


— Exhibit Hall

Hall C
Connect with ministries and organizations from around the world at the Break Forth One Exhibit Show. Discover new ministry tools. Explore opportunities. Engage locally and globally.


— Bookstore and Cafe

Hall C
The Break Forth One Bookstore offers the latest books and resources from featured speakers, artists and ministry partners. There’s also a cafe—have a cup of coffee while you browse!


— Personal Reflection / Team Meeting Time

There’s so much happening over the weekend, some describe it as “drinking from a fire hose!” Take some time to pray, reflect or journal. Or join your family or ministry team to share, discuss and dream.


— Prayer Room

Salon F
Looking for prayer? There’s an entire group on the One Team that is fully dedicated to praying for and with you this weekend. You can’t miss them—they’re in purple shirts!


— Compassion 

Outside Hall A/B
Spend some time with the folks from Compassion Canada. They have amazing stories of how equipping local churches has helped families break the cycle of poverty. It’s the church, enabling the church, to do the work of the church.


— Massage Station 

Hall D Foyer
Sore from all the walking? Looking to unwind? Come get a free massage outside of Hall D!


— Illustrated Faith with Shanna Noel

Exhibit Hall Cafe
Bible journaling isn’t just another trend, it’s a personal record of your relationship with Christ. Stop by the cafe for a mini Bible Journaling tutorial with Shanna!


— DRIME Performances  

Over the weekend the DRIME team will be popping up throughout Break Forth One with surprise performances. You just might be in the right place at the right time to catch them in action.


—  other activities to explore.


— Lunch & Learn with DRIME

Salon 19/20  /  Saturday at 12:30 PM  /  Sunday at 12:00 PM
DRIME currently has teams in 9 different countries, but God has given them a bigger vision to see Jesus made inescapable on street corners around the world. You’re invited to join DRIME leaders over lunch to dream and discuss how you can get involved and help launch a new DRIME team in Edmonton or your city!