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Steve Geyer


Steve Geyer is a comedian, pastor and author from Atlanta, GA. He was doing stand-up comedy before becoming a believer and soon moved into Christian comedy. After three projects for StarSong Records he transitioned into full-time pastoral work for 14 years. He has now stepped back into comedy and speaking and travels with the Date Night Comedy Tour and A Nite To Remember For Couples. His first book, Shameless, captures his personal and poignant journey to freedom.


Main Conference Classes

18. Shameless, Set Free From The Mask
Block B || Saturday || 2:00PM

Are you plagued with memories of past failures? Do you ever feel like everything that goes badly is your fault? Do words like worthless and unacceptable describe how you feel about yourself? You're not alone. These thoughts and feelings cause people to put on a variety of masks to cover up the dark and hidden places inside. Comedian, author and pastor Steve Geyer takes you on a personal and poignant journey to learn for yourself—or for those you love—how to be set free.

34. Who the Pooh are You?
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM

Come experience this fun and uplifting way to celebrate our differences. In this session discover your ‘Pooh’ personality and explore new ways to finally feel at home in your own skin. At the same time, learn to accept and appreciate others in your family and in your life who are simply…different.