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Tim Day


Tim Day is the executive director of City Movement Canada, an organization with a vision to help churches, ministries and marketplace leaders work together to advance the gospel in their city. Tim combines a passion for leadership, strategy and innovation with a rich understanding of the Biblical narrative and its principles of transformation and growth. Previously, Tim served as a senior pastor at The Meeting House, one of Canada’s fastest growing multi-site churches.


Pre-Conference Workshop

1006. Future Church
Friday || 9:30AM - 3:45PM

Tectonic movements are shifting both the cultural landscape and the church in Canada. Based on current data and trends, it’s easy to conclude the church is in crisis. But that’s not the whole story. There are also movements of unity, deeper dependency on the Holy Spirit and missional creativity sweeping across the church in Canada. Join Tim Day from City Movement and Jason Ballard from Alpha Canada in a conversation about these trends, our cultural moment and reasons for stepping into the future with optimism and hope.

Main Conference Classes

1. Future of the Church
Block A || Saturday || 11:30AM

Working Together in a Divided World—how can I work with people I don’t agree with? The world is getting more and more polarized and divided. How can we as followers of Jesus rise above this, reconcile our relationships and ultimately work together while we still work out our disagreements? Join Jon Tyson and Tim Day as they have an in depth conversation around these realities and the church’s response—now and in the future.

52. The New Human
Block D || Sunday || 8:30AM

Tim Day takes a detailed look at the emerging digital global culture and the impact of technology, rapid innovation and change on individuals. How can the church adapt and thrive in the complexity and chaos? Find out how Jesus equipped His followers to wisely navigate change and live out His mission in the world.