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Wilna van Beek


Author of When Gay Comes Home: Learning to build bridges, Wilna van Beek is passionate about sharing her story of redemption and transformation after spending years living a homosexual life. Since 2009 she has equipped hundreds of pastors and leaders on the topic of homosexuality. Wilna is also the leader of God Gazers—Bridge Builders Ministry whose mission is to walk alongside those who have come out as LGBTQ and their loved ones, offering light, courage and hope. Wilna carries dual citizenship (Canadian/South African) and currently resides in Saskatchewan where she owns a very busy pet grooming business and considers her three wonderful dogs to be part of her family.

Main Conference Classes

35. The Must-Have LGBTQ+ Conversation (Human Sexuality Panel)
Block C || Saturday || 3:30PM

How does the church respond to one of the most defining issues of our time? Navigating the complexities of truth and love alongside people within the LGBTQ+ community is a significant challenge facing denominations, institutions and local churches across Canada. This panel of pastors, educators and Christians with same sex attraction launch the conversation by sharing the challenges, failures and joy of loving as Jesus does.