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Friday, January 26
9:30 AM - 3:45 PM

Personal development + professional development.
One day for you & your team.
Choose from 13 workshops and dive deep into one area of spiritual growth and ministry.


1001. Developing An Effective Ministry To/With Single Adults

Dennis Franck

Single adults want healthy friendships with the same and opposite sex. They want relevant teaching, quality activities, and opportunities for dialogue. This workshop focuses on building an exciting ministry that attracts and retains single adults for relational, social and spiritual growth. We’ll cover the nuts and bolts of singles ministry: Why Minister to/with Single Adults? What I Wish I Knew When Beginning a Single Adult Ministry, Models of Single Adult Ministry and Developing, Training and Motivating Leadership.

Workshop Handouts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4


1002. Ending Poverty Together

Paula Cornell

This Poverty ‘Boot Camp’ provides an interactive learning environment, stories, facts and development experience from the field, an understanding of the origins of poverty, a realization that there is a recommended solution to poverty and an opportunity to develop a healthy personal response to issues of poverty. Join thousands of Canadians who’ve enjoyed the workshop’s interactive and stimulating content, videos and discussion.


1003. The Five Love Languages Workshop

Dr. Gary Chapman

Almost everyone agrees that the deepest emotional need we have is the need to feel loved by the significant people in our lives. The difficulty in making this a reality is that we have failed to realize that what makes one person feel loved does not make another person feel loved. In short, we have different love languages. This workshop will focus on the five love languages and how they apply in various relationships: marriage, children, teenagers, single adults and work relationships.


1004. Healing Discipleship:The Next Move of God in the Church

Ken B. Dyck

We are called to preach salvation to a lost and hurting world. But what does “salvation” look like for the 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men who’ve been sexually abused, for men and women struggling with pornography, the depressed, the addicted, the perfectionist, the workaholic? We’ve been taught that salvation means going to heaven after we die even though the word itself means: “set free, made whole and delivered.” Ready for a challenge? Present the full gospel of Jesus Christ and watch God transform your ministry.

Workshop Handouts: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4


1005. The High Impact Leader

Carey Nieuwhof

Ever wonder how you will ever “get it all done”? Or if you will ever have the level of impact in your home and community that you long for? Those are important questions. Let’s get time, energy and priorities working in your favour to make a greater impact. Invest this time to personalize a plan to help you get productive and accomplish the very things you know are most important, but rarely have time for.


1006. How to Grow a Connected Family

Jim & Lynne Jackson

In this workshop you’ll learn a framework of four timeless Biblical principles for building strong relationships and anchoring your family in God’s grace and truth. Don’t wait for the storms of life or the strong currents of cultural influence to shipwreck your family. You can become an insightful, proactive parent despite today’s frantic pace. Parents confirm these four principles stick with them for years and change the course of their family forever.


1007. Learning to Love: An Intro to Theology of the Body

Fr. Sean Kilcawley

What does it mean that we were created in the image of God? Does it really matter if we are one sex or another? What exactly is Love? These are just some of the questions addressed by Pope John Paul II in a series of lectures on Human Love in the Divine plan. The teaching is even more applicable today as we reach out to people from wounded or broken families, children of divorce and all who carry wounds from the hyper-sexualized culture. Fr Sean Kilcawley synthesizes solid theology with pastoral experience in this thoughtful and challenging workshop.


1008. Parenting, Family Ministry, and Your Church – D6

Brian Haynes // Brian Housman // Ron Hunter

Is your church aging? Lacking younger families? Missing healthy families in general? In this workshop, D6 (Deuteronomy 6) Ministries will help you help the parents of your church. Learn about seasons of parenting, navigating technology as well as how to align your church for effective family ministry. Brian Housman, Brian Haynes, and Ron Hunter coach ministry leaders around the world. They’re eager to help you develop stronger generational discipleship in your church.

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1009. The Skeletons in God’s Closet: Wrestling with Tough Topics of the Christian Faith

Joshua Ryan Butler // Nathan Betts

Many people fear God is hiding skeletons in the closet—tough topics that would reveal a cruel, vindictive tyrant rather than a good and loving God. We’ll tackle some challenging questions no Christian wants to be asked: How can a loving God send people to hell? Why is there so much violence in the Old Testament? Does God’s wrath contradict His Love? What do we do with doubt? We’ll reclaim a Biblical, robust understanding and discover they were never really skeletons at all but proclamations of a God who is good, all the way down, “in His very bones”.


1010. The Critical Questions That Shape Our Souls

Dr. Casey Tygrett

Is it possible that Jesus longs to care for us through our questions, rather than through simple answers? How do we understand the multiple questions that Jesus leaves unanswered in the Gospels?

In this seminar Dr. Casey Tygrett will take us through significant questions from the life of Jesus from which we will learn spiritual practices that care for and sustain our souls for the work of ministry.

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1011. Songwriting

Ben Cantelon // Carolyn Arends // GMA Canada Songwriters Panel

Learn songwriting from some of the most prolific songwriters in modern worship music today. Ben Cantelon will share insights into the process of crafting a song that lasts. Hillsong Worship will give a window into how they write songs for the local and global church. Juno Award winner Carolyn Arends will speak to finding your own voice within the art of songwriting. The GMA Canada Panel will share their individual and collective songwriting process and take time with the audience to explore what great songwriting can look like.


1012. Worship Leadership

Hillsong Worship // Brian Doerksen // Jon Buller // Worship Central Canada

Hear from Hillsong Worship leaders as they share from their own experiences and provide insight into what it means to effectively lead people into a place of worship. Lean in with Brian Doerksen as he shares stories and lessons he learned leading worship over the past 25 years. He’ll talk about deepening and diversifying song selection and what it means to worship God in spirit and truth. Juno nominee and renowned worship leader Jon Buller will examine the Old and New Testament roots of prophetic worship and explore what that looks like today. The workshop will culminate in a time of musical worship together.


Break Forth One is partnering with Gather Women to offer an incredible one-day conference for women.

1013. She is Brave

The Gather Women Experience:

Discovering the richness we share as a Canadian sisterhood.
Learning from the wisdom of voices sharing Biblical truth.
Connecting with incredible women in our nation.

Gather Women exists to connect, equip and champion women of Canada so that they are empowered and encouraged to influence their world for Jesus Christ.

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Featuring the voices of:

Sarah Bessey // Helen Burns // Cathie Ostapchuk // Tara Teng // Melinda Estabrooks // Kallie Wood // Hollie Taylor // Cheryl Nembhard // And other inspiring women from across Canada.